I found this unbelievably weird Spanish sketch comedy show that seems to work exclusively on Spanish football.  They particularly seem to enjoy producing bizarre Real Madrid sketches, so perhaps our fine readership will enjoy this one, mocking Kaká, Sergio Ramos, Florentino and of course Mourinho.

In other news, Real Madrid came back from 1-0 down to beat Atléti 3-1 at the Bernabéu last night in the Copa del Rey.  The game was played at a frenetic pace, but Real dominated throughout.  In the 7th minute, former Madrid player José Antonio Reyes played a clearly offsides Agüero through on goal, who played the ball around Casillas for Forlán to tap in from a narrow angle.  The goal was allowed to stand but was quickly cancelled out seven minutes later by a superb Sergio Ramos bullet header from a Di María corner.  This too should not have stood as Ramos clearly impeded the jump of the defender.

In the second half, Madrid's domination began to produce goals.  Mesut Özil played a superb cross into the box for Ronaldo to scramble in at the back post after an hour, before the German wrapped it up with a goal after a ball came loose in the box.  The scoreline would have been more impressive but for the extraordinary efforts of Atléti glovesman David de Gea, who showcased his claim to be the eventual successor to Iker Casillas with, among other stops, a glorious reaction save to a textbook Carvalho header that was perfectly directed into the ground at the far post.  One of the best saves I've seen in a long time.

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Bekah said...

De Gea is unreal!!!

I think Crackovia is a Catalan program so they really enjoy making fun of RM haha they do a funny Guti, too.

Are you guys gonna start your podcasts back up?

Gabe L and Josh Z said...

De Gea really is absurd. It's nice to see Atleti with a good keeper--they've had such bad luck at that position over the past few years.

That show is absurd--is it weird that I kind of love it?

Just put up a new podcast--check it out! We fixed the problem with Josh's audio, and it sounds great.


Bekah said...

True... and he's so young. He has quite a future ahead of him. I'm a junior in college and he makes me feel ancient and unaccomplished...

Nope, I understand! They have done some reallyyy funny episodes. Although I feel bad for Ramos--they make him a complete idiot. I feel like he'd be a good sport about it, though, hahah.

Awesome, I'll give it a listen!

Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised that you've never seen Crackovia before (yes, it's Catalan)! It's hysterical. If you are unaware of the brilliant RM blog, Following Real Madrid,
you really should check it out. Una is on top of everything, posts daily (sometimes more) and is a fantastic translator. She usually has the RM-centric highlights of Crackovia translated on her site. She also translates most of the foreign language press about RM. And she knows her stuff. She features info quite a bit of info about the cantera and also runs the Con La Roja (Spanish National Team) blog - there's a link on her site.